Monday, 2 December 2013

Privatization and Control of Banks on Pakistan

 This is a positive step to control SBP and its autonomy.

My turn to tell my people that how the author has absolutely NO VISION of banks, their function, and their atrocities.
Time to blow him away.
 1. The central bank shouldn't be autonomous. It should be under the control of the government so that body politic has complete control over inflation, internal reserves, forex etc. Money and its regulation should serve the people and people should not be the ones serving money. SBP's autonomy is detrimental.
 2. Biggest blow: SBP is not autonomous as wikipedia and its own site portray. Read the charter of SBP it CLEARLY declares State Bank of Pakistan as a corporation and not as a public body. What? Yes. My people, the central bank of Pakistan is privately owned and has shares and hence investors. A corporation always functions according to the agenda of its investors, so who is the major shareholder of SBP? That's a bit of homework for you to do my people. Also, the answer to this question will give you an array of names. Now, write down the names of the banks those people put their reserves in. When you have the name of banks, look at the common bank which insures all these banks. At the very end of this, you will see the name of a single bank which has authority over all the assets. So regardless of which proxies are between, you will find that SBP and many other central banks of countries are indirectly controlled by that very bank. (Please do not give me stupid responses oh sbp is so it has to be government)

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto understood this; makes me wonder if this is the reason he was hanged. He nationalized the SBP. Wait what? How can something national be nationalized? This is because it was not national in the first place.
SBP was again given autonomy, by none other than BB as soon as she came to power in 93. More autonomy was given to SBP by Nawaz when he came to power later in 97. Makes me wonder that why did they make such a critical decision as soon as they came to power, I smell that the funding for their campaigns came from none other than the same foreign lobbies which control banks.

Let me ask something from all of you my people, shouldn't money serve people? Or should people be slaves to it? If SBP is a corporation would it not mean that source of money of a country is controlled by "business" men?
This Yaseen Anwar, he is a dumb traitor. No vision. My people, do not be fooled by these Harvard, LSE, Cambridge and Oxford degrees. They are products of a corrupt system engineered only to create dumb professionals which are fed with complex mathematical financial modals, which have interest rooted in their core. Their minds are rotten, for how can an enlightened mind draft policies against humanity and yet fail to realize the consequences?

The thing is, these politicians, BB, Nawaz, Dar, etc. are simply too dumb to rule. Incompetent without foresight. Furthermore, they are foreign lobby controlled puppets.

Wake up my people, wake up, before you are driven to slave labour! These are not conspiracy theories, all this happening right now, in closed doors they are trying to mint our fates. I rather die than stay silent at the face of oppression and not show my people the truth.

(ET, sorry for my long posts but I feel I get more coverage on this site to inform my people. Let the truth flow)

Wow, this government is horribly stupid.
Instead of creating transparent audit bodies to examine why are these companies going in loss, they are selling them off.
These are state-owned enterprises PML-N, they are the controlling assets of the country. If a private enterprise starts owning the state-assets; it would mean that the respective enterprise has the authority to REGULATE the functioning and distribution of the owned entities. In affect, it means we are practically handing over the control of government to corporates who know nothing of philanthropy or public affection.
Now, my people, understand the consequence of privatization, please!
If an energy giant owns OGDC, the corporate head of that company will OWN Pakistan’s power and resources. Under the capitalist law he can turn off, bully all the other dependents.
I cannot even begin to fathom the stupidity and lack of foresight of this government. I am bogged down and almost desperate now, seeing that even someone such as myself who has started a career, with absolutely NO background in politics, public policy and governance can see through the consequences of these moves and these dull creatures cannot.
My people do you think someone living in a mansion in Israel/US will care even if our poor people are driven to slave labour or organ sale? No. He will only care about profits.
I apologize to the PML-N supporters, but there are nothing but deeply harsh rooted words for these foreign-lobby controlled puppets. My people? Why are we not dragging them by their necks out of their castles and throwing them to rot in caves? Do you not see what they are doing to us? It is treachery against us, high treason far above military coups, only if you understand.

Asad Khan
@The Failed Rebel:
…relax Bud, This “Hair Transplanted Shareef” thinks he got fresh grey cells now.
See, this is the reason when one starts its political career in Dictatorship and spoon fed in its business through undue favoritism all along. He is now addicted to power.
Now, I am not against Privatization at all BUT I am not an advocate for loot sale. OGDC & PPL should not be privatized wholesomely (never will) only 40 %to 45% privatization should be allowed in these organization so that they can gain capital for exploration of new sites.
Honestly, I don’t think that Khahkis will let Sharifs sell OGDC & PPL. completely (These are strategic organizations)
While PIA & PSM are no a threat to our country as such as along as they remain in friendly country hands. (I.e PIA for Turks and PSM for Chinese).
New Zealand Airways is now owned by Qantas. There was much hue & cry in Zealand about this when it was initiated but all calm & profitable now.
There is no harm in completely privatization PIA& PSM, the sooner the better, but if there is another way to but these into profit making other than privatization, then I don’t mind it.

@Asad Khan:
Buddy, what do we lack that we have to resort to privatization? We have the brains, we have people with vision. Unfortunately they are not allowed to come to power.
My family does active business with PIA, Railways etc. Let me tell you the only reason these organizations are going down is because of blatant corruption from top to bottom;
from procurement to pilots and drivers.
IK might have personal flaws, everyone knows them, but he is honest towards his commitments. Yet again, media and elite lobbies are aligned against him.
For me, it’s hard to be a party to the way Sharif is lying to my people. He has no sympathy for the poor. Already I hear of news where a father has to sell his kidney for food. People donating blood for money.
Shame on the PML-N voters who brought this menace upon us.
Asad, when you know things that I know, it’s hard to relax.
Let me give you a glimpse:
1. Crime will become rampant in the country due to the deteriorating conditions of the economy. Robberies, rapes, human trafficking, drug sale, extortion and prostitution will prevail.
2. Do you know SBP is privately owned? Most people think that .GOV.PK means it is completely owned by government. It is NOT. Which means at anytime the share holders of SBP can make the inflation shoot 3 times within 2 months. (ZA Bhutto nationalized the SBP, but it was later given autonomy under Benazir Bhutto, then again under Nawaz. Do pay close attention how this happened AS SOON as the parties had established power. Says a lot about who was funding their election campaigns and what they wanted to achieve. Bankers control Pakistan just like they control most of the economies of the world. Makes me wonder who supported Zia from abroad to take Bhutto down.)
3. The effect of all the monetary policies currently being pursued by PML-N government are engineered to decimate the middle class and keep a poor and elite class only.
Usually, I abstain from disclosing all this to normal people because their lack of understanding gives rise to serious skepticism, and those who do realize start plucking their hair off.
Do not compare NZ to Pakistan, our alliances and objectives are different.
Also just food for thought, if Pakistan has about $4 trillion worth of reserves, why are the rulers not excavating them?
Okay, there is no peace in KP and Baluchistan. Who is creating the unrest? Radical factions of TTP? Why do the bodies of several killed TTP convicts portray characteristics of Non-Muslim males? Why are the funding sources of TTP from RAW/CIA? Can people who cannot even build roads be a threat to USA which is in another continent altogether. Why does Bush family have close oil business ties with Saudi Bin Laden Group?
Rest of the stuff is redundant, you can find it on my blog. Open your eyes ;)

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