Monday, 2 December 2013

Privatization and Control of Banks on Pakistan

 This is a positive step to control SBP and its autonomy.

My turn to tell my people that how the author has absolutely NO VISION of banks, their function, and their atrocities.
Time to blow him away.
 1. The central bank shouldn't be autonomous. It should be under the control of the government so that body politic has complete control over inflation, internal reserves, forex etc. Money and its regulation should serve the people and people should not be the ones serving money. SBP's autonomy is detrimental.
 2. Biggest blow: SBP is not autonomous as wikipedia and its own site portray. Read the charter of SBP it CLEARLY declares State Bank of Pakistan as a corporation and not as a public body. What? Yes. My people, the central bank of Pakistan is privately owned and has shares and hence investors. A corporation always functions according to the agenda of its investors, so who is the major shareholder of SBP? That's a bit of homework for you to do my people. Also, the answer to this question will give you an array of names. Now, write down the names of the banks those people put their reserves in. When you have the name of banks, look at the common bank which insures all these banks. At the very end of this, you will see the name of a single bank which has authority over all the assets. So regardless of which proxies are between, you will find that SBP and many other central banks of countries are indirectly controlled by that very bank. (Please do not give me stupid responses oh sbp is so it has to be government)

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto understood this; makes me wonder if this is the reason he was hanged. He nationalized the SBP. Wait what? How can something national be nationalized? This is because it was not national in the first place.
SBP was again given autonomy, by none other than BB as soon as she came to power in 93. More autonomy was given to SBP by Nawaz when he came to power later in 97. Makes me wonder that why did they make such a critical decision as soon as they came to power, I smell that the funding for their campaigns came from none other than the same foreign lobbies which control banks.

Let me ask something from all of you my people, shouldn't money serve people? Or should people be slaves to it? If SBP is a corporation would it not mean that source of money of a country is controlled by "business" men?
This Yaseen Anwar, he is a dumb traitor. No vision. My people, do not be fooled by these Harvard, LSE, Cambridge and Oxford degrees. They are products of a corrupt system engineered only to create dumb professionals which are fed with complex mathematical financial modals, which have interest rooted in their core. Their minds are rotten, for how can an enlightened mind draft policies against humanity and yet fail to realize the consequences?

The thing is, these politicians, BB, Nawaz, Dar, etc. are simply too dumb to rule. Incompetent without foresight. Furthermore, they are foreign lobby controlled puppets.

Wake up my people, wake up, before you are driven to slave labour! These are not conspiracy theories, all this happening right now, in closed doors they are trying to mint our fates. I rather die than stay silent at the face of oppression and not show my people the truth.

(ET, sorry for my long posts but I feel I get more coverage on this site to inform my people. Let the truth flow)

Wow, this government is horribly stupid.
Instead of creating transparent audit bodies to examine why are these companies going in loss, they are selling them off.
These are state-owned enterprises PML-N, they are the controlling assets of the country. If a private enterprise starts owning the state-assets; it would mean that the respective enterprise has the authority to REGULATE the functioning and distribution of the owned entities. In affect, it means we are practically handing over the control of government to corporates who know nothing of philanthropy or public affection.
Now, my people, understand the consequence of privatization, please!
If an energy giant owns OGDC, the corporate head of that company will OWN Pakistan’s power and resources. Under the capitalist law he can turn off, bully all the other dependents.
I cannot even begin to fathom the stupidity and lack of foresight of this government. I am bogged down and almost desperate now, seeing that even someone such as myself who has started a career, with absolutely NO background in politics, public policy and governance can see through the consequences of these moves and these dull creatures cannot.
My people do you think someone living in a mansion in Israel/US will care even if our poor people are driven to slave labour or organ sale? No. He will only care about profits.
I apologize to the PML-N supporters, but there are nothing but deeply harsh rooted words for these foreign-lobby controlled puppets. My people? Why are we not dragging them by their necks out of their castles and throwing them to rot in caves? Do you not see what they are doing to us? It is treachery against us, high treason far above military coups, only if you understand.

Asad Khan
@The Failed Rebel:
…relax Bud, This “Hair Transplanted Shareef” thinks he got fresh grey cells now.
See, this is the reason when one starts its political career in Dictatorship and spoon fed in its business through undue favoritism all along. He is now addicted to power.
Now, I am not against Privatization at all BUT I am not an advocate for loot sale. OGDC & PPL should not be privatized wholesomely (never will) only 40 %to 45% privatization should be allowed in these organization so that they can gain capital for exploration of new sites.
Honestly, I don’t think that Khahkis will let Sharifs sell OGDC & PPL. completely (These are strategic organizations)
While PIA & PSM are no a threat to our country as such as along as they remain in friendly country hands. (I.e PIA for Turks and PSM for Chinese).
New Zealand Airways is now owned by Qantas. There was much hue & cry in Zealand about this when it was initiated but all calm & profitable now.
There is no harm in completely privatization PIA& PSM, the sooner the better, but if there is another way to but these into profit making other than privatization, then I don’t mind it.

@Asad Khan:
Buddy, what do we lack that we have to resort to privatization? We have the brains, we have people with vision. Unfortunately they are not allowed to come to power.
My family does active business with PIA, Railways etc. Let me tell you the only reason these organizations are going down is because of blatant corruption from top to bottom;
from procurement to pilots and drivers.
IK might have personal flaws, everyone knows them, but he is honest towards his commitments. Yet again, media and elite lobbies are aligned against him.
For me, it’s hard to be a party to the way Sharif is lying to my people. He has no sympathy for the poor. Already I hear of news where a father has to sell his kidney for food. People donating blood for money.
Shame on the PML-N voters who brought this menace upon us.
Asad, when you know things that I know, it’s hard to relax.
Let me give you a glimpse:
1. Crime will become rampant in the country due to the deteriorating conditions of the economy. Robberies, rapes, human trafficking, drug sale, extortion and prostitution will prevail.
2. Do you know SBP is privately owned? Most people think that .GOV.PK means it is completely owned by government. It is NOT. Which means at anytime the share holders of SBP can make the inflation shoot 3 times within 2 months. (ZA Bhutto nationalized the SBP, but it was later given autonomy under Benazir Bhutto, then again under Nawaz. Do pay close attention how this happened AS SOON as the parties had established power. Says a lot about who was funding their election campaigns and what they wanted to achieve. Bankers control Pakistan just like they control most of the economies of the world. Makes me wonder who supported Zia from abroad to take Bhutto down.)
3. The effect of all the monetary policies currently being pursued by PML-N government are engineered to decimate the middle class and keep a poor and elite class only.
Usually, I abstain from disclosing all this to normal people because their lack of understanding gives rise to serious skepticism, and those who do realize start plucking their hair off.
Do not compare NZ to Pakistan, our alliances and objectives are different.
Also just food for thought, if Pakistan has about $4 trillion worth of reserves, why are the rulers not excavating them?
Okay, there is no peace in KP and Baluchistan. Who is creating the unrest? Radical factions of TTP? Why do the bodies of several killed TTP convicts portray characteristics of Non-Muslim males? Why are the funding sources of TTP from RAW/CIA? Can people who cannot even build roads be a threat to USA which is in another continent altogether. Why does Bush family have close oil business ties with Saudi Bin Laden Group?
Rest of the stuff is redundant, you can find it on my blog. Open your eyes ;)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rebel vs Privatization + PML-N Idiocity

Wow, this government is horribly stupid.
Instead of creating transparent audit bodies to examine why are these companies going in loss, they are selling them off.
These are state-owned enterprises PML-N, they are the controlling assets of the country. If a private enterprise starts owning the state-assets; it would mean that the respective enterprise has the authority to REGULATE the functioning and distribution of the owned entities. In affect, it means we are practically handing over the control of government to corporates who know nothing of philanthropy or public affection.
Now, my people, understand the consequence of privatization, please!
If an energy giant owns OGDC, the corporate head of that company will OWN Pakistan's power and resources. Under the capitalist law he can turn off, bully all the other dependents.
I cannot even begin to fathom the stupidity and lack of foresight of this government. I am bogged down and almost desperate now, seeing that even someone such as myself who has started a career, with absolutely NO background in politics, public policy and governance can see through the consequences of these moves and these dull creatures cannot.

My people do you think someone living in a mansion in Israel/US will care even if our poor people are driven to slave labour or organ sale? No. He will only care about profits.

I apologize to the PML-N supporters, but there are nothing but deeply harsh rooted words for these foreign-lobby controlled puppets. My people? Why are we not dragging them by their necks out of their castles and throwing them to rot in caves? Do you not see what they are doing to us? It is treachery against us, high treason far above military coups, only if you understand.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Islam, Female Equality in Society & Work, and Balance

Islam is a balanced religion. It has room for everyone. Saudi Arabia doesn’t represent Shariah accurately.
Women should be allowed to drive because often men are not available. E. g. old father, husband away for work, son too young etc. It is a simple but strong reason.
Secondly, the idea of veil is treated with disdain and is portrayed as a symbol of oppression and control by the media. It is definitely not that. Veils for women is nothing new, it is a symbol of respect and royalty, from pharaohs to ancient Rome. Even now the wedding attire for Christian brides has a net veil and cover.
It is important for us to understand the roots of problems as follows:
1. The problem lies partially in men who try to force women to veil, upon which it seems as oppression. The correct method is always gentle persuasion.
2. Some women, on the other hand do not respect their sanctity, and perceive the show of skin and structure as an act of independence and power. It is not that, they are symbols of dignity and not eye-candy for passers by. They must be highly revered in the Islamic society.
Instead of being an icon for societal development and unwavering rights to females, KSA comes across as an ancient civilization. It saddens me to see how Islam is being massively portrayed as a religion of oppression and aggression.

Yes, education is definitely necessary for gender equality.

There is a spectrum of issues which eventually lead to the inequality though.
 1. Parents do not invest enough in their daughters when it comes to education.
 2. Daughters are not allowed to work, because of the fear of harassment.
 3. After marriage due to the responsibilities at home, women have to sacrifice their work.

Solution to all of this is balance and understanding. I think several "modern" females misunderstand "feminism" and go way overboard with it; they have double standards when it comes to equality.
Islam is a balanced religion and hence Shariah is too! A very simple solution can exist for all this:
 1. Bringing about education reforms, increasing the female-only institutions and making them free will drastically increase the number of women attending such institutions. Such institutions should have a female only policy, where the administration and academic bodies are all females. We have a great female work force and they should be utilized. This step might solve Problem 1.
 2. Government should encourage companies to have separate female buildings in compounds. This way we can eliminate the problem 2. Now females who veil themselves can roam freely in that compound. A female only work place will encourage fathers and husbands to allow their daughters/wives to practice their education to the maximum extent.
 3. We are a Muslim nation, so we should be more developed and advanced than the others. Why can companies not devise flexible 4-6 hours/day schedules for ladies? This way ladies would never have to compromise on their family life! The kids would be at school, the husband, father in the office and the ladies in their professional organizations! Might solve problem 3!

It is very integral for my nation that the ladies are given their due share of resources and opportunities. I might get bashed by hard-core feminists, which would be understandable and they won't come up with positive solutions in light of how our culture is. However, I do encourage feedback!

My point explained, I would also like to mention that females are the backbones of a developing nation. A developing nation is dependent on its mothers. If mothers do not give ample time to their kids and leave them at the mercy of daycare, the children are unlikely to be raised with innate deeply rooted emotions of love and attention. All counter examples of "developed" nations to this are void because the fabric of their society is corrupt and only presents an illusion of harmony.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Why CIA/RAW are funding militancy in KP and Baluchistan?


I cannot help but to agree that the politicians are using anti-American slogans just for political gain and in reality lack the vision of how the foreign lobbies are conspiring against Pakistan. In essence, this act gives exactly the same results as a pro-American party.
What my people do not understand is that they are part of a bigger game, and that several conspiracy theories are true if we research authentically and critically.
What I have failed to understand in all this scenario is that if USA is a friend of Pakistan, why does it shy away from freeing us from our loans, after all we could have been a far greater ally in the war on terror had we been able to hold our feet. Still, we have to beg for aides and all we get are loans designed to drench us deeper in poverty and unemployment. USA has spent trillions on war. Had it freed Pakistan of its loans, Pakistan would have had successfully eliminated the radicalism in the region. Doing so would have enabled the US to have the strongest possible ally in South Asia.
Instead we often find that CIA/RAW are pouring in resources to keep KP and Baluchistan hostile. Systematic propaganda is being done to achieve radicalism in the region.
In my research regarding this, spanning around 6 years, I have come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of the foreign lobbies to keep Pakistan unstable and keep it deep under deficit is because a sovereign Muslim state is a direct threat to several anti-Islam ideologies/nations that exist in the world.
Our interest-less economic system, free-market trade, strict social policies to injustice are in their true essence a killer to all the “liberal”, “communist” and “democratic” ideologies of the world.
Only these notions add up in line with the fact that CIA/RAW are funding radical elements operating in Pakistan so as to create unrest in KP and Baluchistan. That is being done so that we cannot excavate our resources lying in their belly. They are worth more than a trillion dollars. Which means not only would we be able to pay off our loans, we will actually grow faster than China because of the huge trade doors it will unlock. When we consider possibilities it is not far fetched to think of a 10-lane silk route directly heading forward to Gwadar!
Pakistan Zindabad!

American Federal Reserve
No, incorrect. The life of the common American is not an easy ride, a false of sense of security and pride it holds. Nothing else.
Taxes are continuously being levied on them due to wars they cannot fight/win and neither will they benefit from them.
The American economy is in a worst situation than you can imagine. Just a glimpse of the American economy: Watch The Money Makers documentary. Might open your eyes :)
- Respect (Because your taxes are actually used by my military)

I know exactly what you are talking about and no it is not a conspiracy theory. Bankers use war as a mean to generate debt and hence control economy. The central bank of USA, The Federal Reserve is privately owned which means that a private group actually controls the inflation, monetary flow of the country.
If anything, I feel sorry for the American people that they are even more controlled than the us, the Pakistanis. Americans deserve a fair share of the taxes they pay turning into services. But this doesn’t happen, to top it off there is huge unemployment in America.
Even to the common man who unplugs himself from the media, and simply looks at the figures will understand this.
Trillions spent. That money could have been used inside the USA to create jobs.
A very interesting website for those who want more information:
Do watch Money Makers Documentary.
I seek to educate the ET readers with what is actually going on.

Pakistan and Horrors of Interest Based Debt /* Work in progress */

I reckon we need a martial law more than ever to abolish the political and economic dynasties in Pakistan now.
This failed government was brought to power by massive funding from foreign lobbies and local elites. The collateral proof to support this theory is how the government and the imposed policies have been aligned to aid foreign agenda. Also, I have heard rumors that the day PML-N won, there was a significant transfer of funds to all the PML-N MNAs. Upon trying to use my sources to get details of information, I was either denied or told it is false. However, I did see a certain increase in the economic activity of the suspicious households whom I expected to have been bribed.
Coming back to policy, notable examples are:
 1. IMF loan. Which increase poverty, unemployment and misery in the country, practically making it a slave of foreign lending lobbies when it comes to policy making etc. So now we cannot rise against them. Note that IMF loan agreement and the report issues clearly indicated that it will devalue the rupee and cause unemployment of 1.2m people. Only PTI has continuously raised this issue in the NA.
 2. Silent support for US drone strikes which is a violation of our sovereignty. If anyone should be punishing the perpetrators it should be us, and by capricious means which do not eventually cause civilian casualties. (Don't know why the drone supporters don't understand that droning and war strategy is not working)
 3. Imposing laws which blatantly facilitate the rich and wicked. Recent example is the money whitening scheme by Nawaz. I will post details of this later, apparently ET doesn't like when I mention that black money can also come from drug sale, bribery and running prostitution cartels. Though, I just seek to make a point how horrendously wicked people will get a free hand with this policy. Secondly, the continuous inflation and indirect taxation which only exploits the middle and poor class. Eventually the modal that will follow will be of a slave class and an elite class. (Please my Pakistanis, my people, wake up!)

My people, I want you to see how vision-less and stupid the incumbent government is. Ishaq Dar, the so called "experienced" economist has failed to understand how interest-based debt is detrimental to the society and what its long term atrocities. SBP buying dollars, Minister issues stock incentives, etc. justify how incapable their minds are in perceiving the root cause of the problem. These are just artificial measures to alleviate hyper-inflation of the so called economists with PhDs, who have their brains washed by complex mathematical modals crafted only to bog the minds. In the core of this lies the menace of interest which seeks to generate more money than a system can produce (It's a long discussion, read my blog)
P. S. I only seek to inform my people of the menace that, if not stopped, will ruin us.
Do not align to a party, and do not align to Pakistan even, atleast align to yourself! Look at how these rulers are exploiting you.
Imran Khan I hope our pressure might give results, I am expecting that a monthly deficit of millions of dollars might raise eyebrows in coalition fund experts.

What is black money? It is the money gained from evading taxes, extortion, prostitution, drugs, theft, robberies, hence money gained from illegal means. Do note that all of these actions directly affect the common man. Through tax evasion and theft of resources, the honest tax payer is burdened more. Now, PML-N will effectively make this legitimate? My people do you not see through the depth of this? In action, by supporting this you will give a thumbs up to money gained from the traffic of helpless girls for forced prostitution. Death is better than being a party to this.
They money stolen from my people should be taken out of the bellies of perpetrators by force and should be distributed amidst the victims.

Good Imran Khan, keep up the efforts, you're the voice for the grief my people live in, whether they accept it or not. Shame on PML-N voters and supporters who still support them.

@Muslim Leaguer:
You baffled me with your statement.
Either you are payed or you lack the foresight of the current circumstances.
You must understand that the design of this scheme is to further benefit the industrialists.
They will get waivers and facilities for their taxes. So indirectly, this results in "LESS" revenue for the country. It is imperative that one also looks at certain steps from a bird's eye view to understand the effectiveness of a method.
Employment opportunities will never increase this way. Tax cannot be related to employment. Infact when the government takes foolish steps, taxation results in loss of employment.
Rest assured, if you are willing to see through, the current IMF loan taken by this government will decimate all the other methodologies they have adopted to create employment. Right now coming up with accurate figures is not possible but do not forget that the IMF loan's report clearly stated that the loan will further increase unemployment for 1.2m people. It will drop the rupee to around 130 to the USD.
Our current rulers are not there for us. If they were, their immediate steps wouldn't have been over-taxation of the middle and poor class.
On the other hand if the government had decided to REDUCE taxes and then started a crackdown of evaders, it would have been more beneficial. Because obviously someone earning Rs. 50, 000 would rather pay Rs. 2000 in tax and be legit rather than Rs. 10,000.

The incumbent government doesn't have a vision at all. Their strategy is only and only to tax poor and middle class, introduce new indirect taxes, so that there is a slave class and an elite class.
Someone with proper foresight will find the root of tax-evasion, why do people evade? Are the taxes too much? Why are they too much? Should they be this much?  How can I streamline the taxation methods and work on modals which encourage and not discourage the local man from paying taxes?

Incentives to top tax payers is a bogus method. What is the fault of someone who has a small business but is paying 100% of his share of taxes. Doesn't make sense.
If you see through, Sharifs and Dars are nothing but liars, spineless and cunning pawns forcing my labour-class to organ sale for food.
- Respect. 

What a fail PML-N voters brought on the country. A failed ‘experienced’ team, with no vision or sympathy for the common man.
Dar and Sharifs are unfortunately, turning out far worst than PPP. Not only do they act irresponsibility, they also are making policies directly benefiting to their economic empires e. g. Sugar industry bans and lack of accountability for stocking reserves.
Shame on PML-N voters, who just the faces of these rulers and not their own pockets, whom, I know, would be equally devastated under these policies.

For all those who do not understand the aforementioned dagger in disguise,
This means that the tax collection by the government has to increase. This will either be done by introducing more indirect taxes, or putting direct Value Added Tax on all products.
So for the common man, just understand that currently something that costs about Rs. 100
will go up to around Rs. 130-140 assuming government has to implement Value Added Tax.
Now, we know from their tenure since May that PML-N government doesn’t target the rich when it comes to taxation. So I guess the middle/labor class has to pay for it.
My people, wake up, please!
This is the time for awakening or our economy will collapse to simple an elite class and a slave class. Where the elite will dwell in palaces whereas the slaves will subservient to them for daily commodities.
Wake up! Don’t be pro-party, be pro-Pakistan.

Nov 13, 2013 - 6:05PM
IMF programs have earlier played havoc with countries like Indonesia and Argentina. Indonesia is a recent example, with the situation very similar o Pakistan when IMF started tightening its noose around the economy in the garb of bailouts and other incentives. The formula here is exactly the same. Increase direct tax, such as sales tax, a specific tax, value added tax (VAT). Increase the price of utilities like power, gas, fuel. Remove all subsidies which benefit the poor strata of the society, hence dividing the poor and the rich into two extremes and totally decimating the middle class.
Even now there is no concerted efforts to increase the indirect taxation with taxing the rich which numbers more than 3 million. Rich landlords, capitalists/industrialists, Estate developers who are taking full advantages of the loopholes in CBR/FBR laws.

Anyone in the government cognizant of this huge catastrophe in the making, right here, right now.

My people never learn. My people never learn. My people never learn. :(
Are you aware of any platform through which we can actually communicate the atrocities of the IMF program to the NA, and to the public? So that they understand how brutal an interest-based debt is on the common man.
P. S. Thank you for informing my people.
These few news that ET passes out, are far more serious than any Taliban insurgency, military coup, party statement or even an invasion. They distort the fabric of humanity, if only one understands.
My people just see this as “inflation”, but the reality of these economic policies and the consequences is far worst.
As poverty and unemployment in the country increases, so does corruption. Soon, due to the lack of resources, people will start to steal/commit crimes to keep their lives in line.
Prostitution will increase, dacoit culture will start to prevail, organ-sale is already being done by the labor class of the country and it will increase, as frustration increases in the people so will the rapes of women and children, and eventually this all will fall in the slave-master modal as you mentioned. What a bitter reality and my people in their naivete don’t see the hypocritical, spineless and apathetic nature of our rulers.
As blatant as it seems, the economic modal is exactly this, and nothing otherwise. It is a systematic deprivation of the society distorting the line between man and animal.
If only my people understand…

(ET Mods, why do most of you sensor my comments about world economy, trust me, you will soon feel the heat of the treason our rulers are committing against us.)

My people wake-up and see the wider vision of the issue!
IMF team is not here to help us, it is here to further promulgate policies that will ensure that wealth in accumulated in a few hands.
This vision-less apathetic government is against the people of Pakistan, be assured that they were selected by foreign agencies to further deprive the country. They came to power ONLY to implement policies which makes Pakistan and its people more dependent to foreign powers.
These spineless rulers have already hinted that Pakistan will soon have full fledged Value Added Tax, more income tax, more tariffs of power, water, gas etc.
My people wake-up, when IMF comes they will force these tyrannical rulers to enforce more taxes on us, which will further widen the gap between classes and put severe pressure on the pockets of the fixed income group. Do you all want to give 50% of your salary to the these corrupt officials?
My labour-class has been driven to organ-sale, in backward areas people are resorting to cannibalism, theft and armed robberies have increased, people are frustrated, rapes are on the rise.
My people, why can you not relate that crimes are a direct result of an unhappy society?
Will you continue to close your eyes, and keep your hands shackled from working against these blood-thirsty hounds that were elected?
My people, what keeps you from rising in a revolution?
ET do not sensor when I try to give a broader vision to my people. They need to foresee what is happening. It is extremely naive and shortsighted to mark what I say as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Eddied The Unaware American

This is a very long debate.
 1. USA promised to give $12b for war. We only received about $2-3b. So far Pakistan has spent from $80b-$100b on War on Terror. Who will repay that? USA isn't.
 2. True, USA is trying to portray it is doing a lot under the umbrella of NGO etc. USAid. However it is peanuts, and the non significant impact most of those measures have creates doubts in minds that whether this was just for show or is USA serious about developing.
 3. USA has spent trillions on a useless war, with improvised evidence and false accusations. I refuse to believe that USA and its Congress were the ones who ACTUALLY voted for the war. I mean seriously? Afghanis were a threat? Have you seen the freedom fighters there? They live off 1-2 meals of beans and bread a day, wear cheap rubber shoes which often leave blisters, and some don't even have sweaters just a heavy cloth providing the only cover against weather. When journalists come to report them, they ask for their fellows who have cattle to sacrifice one because hospitality runs deep in them.
 4. When a US Soldier fires a $95k Javelin on an Afghan fighter, one is just bogged by the fact that this is MORE than that soldier makes in a year, being fired at someone who will not make $95k in his life time. The US Soldiers do not believe anymore that they were deployed for freedom/threat etc. You should read free-media statements. Also, these financial figures make one wonder is the war really worth it? Is a fighter living in a village in a mud-house, who hasn't left the confines of his area for all his lifetime capable of planning any attack. Non-sense, if he was that much of a genius/planner he could have done something for his city. Anything.
 5. Clearing out the journalists, sources that I read do not make any profit from their reports.
 6. I am not against you, why should I be against you? You are far more controlled than I am. You only feel free because of the BS that is shoved down your throat by the media. I am completely against the spineless American government which is a puppet. But not Americans, it is not the fault of the common tax paying American that their country is making foolish choices.
 7. It is not our war, Talibans were anything but against us after the Soviet War. If anything, they felt indebted to us in the big picture. We were housing their women, children and old while they fought. Through collateral evidence we establish this that they were not against Pakistan. Since soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, the fighters went straight to Kashmir to fight the Indian Army.
 8. I don't hate Americans, they are forced to pay up around 40-60% of their salaries in direct/hidden tax. I feel sorry for them that their right is being taken away such brutally and they don't whisper a word because their minds are controlled by the media.
 9. The only reason I respond to you is because I want you to know the real picture, if you have made up your mind about circumstances and keep on bowing to the strong hindrance to change within yourself, you will never know all this.
- Respect.

About Military Response

@Hasan Mehmood:
It has never been stated by anyone supporting talks such as IK, Ch. Nisar that the talks WILL yield results. But war as a first move is a very bad measure. Islam stands for peace and peace is what we should strive to gain. If all efforts fail, then it is obvious that guns would be the way.
However, if you understand TTP, read about them more on unbiased media platforms you will see that they are not a single group with a single agenda. They often have conflicting agendas.
A rough example would be that there are pro-Pakistan TTP elements which do NOT target anything that is Pakistani and have condemned the bombings. Mullah Omar belongs to the pro-Pakistan faction and it is established through collateral evidence. Single news reports stating that he supported Mullah Fazlullah in becoming TTP head contradicts the collateral practical evidence. Also do not rule out the foreign hand in the TTP e. g. Saudis, USA, RAW etc. who seek to create unrest in the region to prevent Pakistan from developing KP/Baluchistan and freeing itself from the foreign control. (This is a long discussion, some other time)

Coming back to talks:
Talks provide us a way to establish and point WHO are the real perpetrating factions in the TTP. Once we understand the enemy we will be better equipped to subdue them. If we can successfully understand who are the foreign aided aggressive groups and then are able to use the Taliban to point them, our military action might yield far better results.
Another important thing that you might have missed in those three years of research/inquiry is the importance of homeland. Many new radicals are the ones whose homes/families have been decimated as a result of the war on terror. This happened on Pakistani soil and now they have gone rogue.
I have maintained peace as the first step to counter tyranny for a long time. We have made HUGE mistakes in Baluchistan/KP. Neglecting them, letting them die in riots/civil battles, Shia/Sunni Skirmishes. It is time to give them first now and then ask for something back. I say, develop those areas, bring education, health-care and infrastructure. Connect them to the mainstream provinces through roads (this might require time as this will provide easy logistics to the criminals). In essence, muffle their aggressive war-hardened minds with kindness. These are the people who never had access to post-war/post-trauma therapy.
They will not stop till their minds are changed, or they will keep blowing themselves up.
I could have supported carpet bombing, but what is the fault of their women and children? They are also Pakistanis.
Pakistan Zindabad!

How naive of you. It is the other way round. It is because the US is going after the criminals who otherwise have a complete reign of terror and blood of innocent Pakistanis on their hands, with the PMLN and PTI government looking the other way, that many Pakistanis believe that drones are doing the right thing. If the US eliminates our killers, why do we need to stop it, if we ourselves are not accomplice in the crimes of TTP.
And don’t give us the crap that we are fighting this war for 10 years. Under first 5 years of MMA’s rule, these groups gained control over large parts of settled areas. In the past 5 years, they retreated from settled areas, but PMLN, PTI, JUI-F, and JI couldn’t agree on attacking their den. Now is the time to do it for once and for all.
Incorrect. Do not be under the impression that the USA is doing this for Pakistan.
What my people fail to realize is that drones will not stop at the tribal areas, soon under pressure, their coverage will increase. our slave-rulers are cowards, as long as their homes are safe, and they have safe-havens abroad, they will never feel the pain of living in insecurity.
Today it is Waziristan, tomorrow it can be Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi. How safe will one feel if you know a drone can strike anytime in your neighbourhood or even at you. Bombs don't differentiate between enemies and friends.
Why should we not learn from a mistake we have been doing since this war started? If force is not finishing them off, then we are adopting the wrong strategy. Militancy has increased if anything. Instead, those who initially were against the USA, are now conducting terrorist attacks here on our soil. Hardly the response we expected.
What my people fail to realize is the dirty game our slave-rulers played by using force on our own people. We decimated their homes, we killed their women and children. These people don't have access to post-trauma therapy, the coalition took away all they had to loose and now they have gone rogue. They went to the only sanctuary that was available, TTP. Why do you think that these factions are gaining support day by day? It is exactly because of our failed strategy.
Yet again you advocate it.