Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rebel vs Privatization + PML-N Idiocity

Wow, this government is horribly stupid.
Instead of creating transparent audit bodies to examine why are these companies going in loss, they are selling them off.
These are state-owned enterprises PML-N, they are the controlling assets of the country. If a private enterprise starts owning the state-assets; it would mean that the respective enterprise has the authority to REGULATE the functioning and distribution of the owned entities. In affect, it means we are practically handing over the control of government to corporates who know nothing of philanthropy or public affection.
Now, my people, understand the consequence of privatization, please!
If an energy giant owns OGDC, the corporate head of that company will OWN Pakistan's power and resources. Under the capitalist law he can turn off, bully all the other dependents.
I cannot even begin to fathom the stupidity and lack of foresight of this government. I am bogged down and almost desperate now, seeing that even someone such as myself who has started a career, with absolutely NO background in politics, public policy and governance can see through the consequences of these moves and these dull creatures cannot.

My people do you think someone living in a mansion in Israel/US will care even if our poor people are driven to slave labour or organ sale? No. He will only care about profits.

I apologize to the PML-N supporters, but there are nothing but deeply harsh rooted words for these foreign-lobby controlled puppets. My people? Why are we not dragging them by their necks out of their castles and throwing them to rot in caves? Do you not see what they are doing to us? It is treachery against us, high treason far above military coups, only if you understand.

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