Friday, 15 November 2013

About Military Response

@Hasan Mehmood:
It has never been stated by anyone supporting talks such as IK, Ch. Nisar that the talks WILL yield results. But war as a first move is a very bad measure. Islam stands for peace and peace is what we should strive to gain. If all efforts fail, then it is obvious that guns would be the way.
However, if you understand TTP, read about them more on unbiased media platforms you will see that they are not a single group with a single agenda. They often have conflicting agendas.
A rough example would be that there are pro-Pakistan TTP elements which do NOT target anything that is Pakistani and have condemned the bombings. Mullah Omar belongs to the pro-Pakistan faction and it is established through collateral evidence. Single news reports stating that he supported Mullah Fazlullah in becoming TTP head contradicts the collateral practical evidence. Also do not rule out the foreign hand in the TTP e. g. Saudis, USA, RAW etc. who seek to create unrest in the region to prevent Pakistan from developing KP/Baluchistan and freeing itself from the foreign control. (This is a long discussion, some other time)

Coming back to talks:
Talks provide us a way to establish and point WHO are the real perpetrating factions in the TTP. Once we understand the enemy we will be better equipped to subdue them. If we can successfully understand who are the foreign aided aggressive groups and then are able to use the Taliban to point them, our military action might yield far better results.
Another important thing that you might have missed in those three years of research/inquiry is the importance of homeland. Many new radicals are the ones whose homes/families have been decimated as a result of the war on terror. This happened on Pakistani soil and now they have gone rogue.
I have maintained peace as the first step to counter tyranny for a long time. We have made HUGE mistakes in Baluchistan/KP. Neglecting them, letting them die in riots/civil battles, Shia/Sunni Skirmishes. It is time to give them first now and then ask for something back. I say, develop those areas, bring education, health-care and infrastructure. Connect them to the mainstream provinces through roads (this might require time as this will provide easy logistics to the criminals). In essence, muffle their aggressive war-hardened minds with kindness. These are the people who never had access to post-war/post-trauma therapy.
They will not stop till their minds are changed, or they will keep blowing themselves up.
I could have supported carpet bombing, but what is the fault of their women and children? They are also Pakistanis.
Pakistan Zindabad!

How naive of you. It is the other way round. It is because the US is going after the criminals who otherwise have a complete reign of terror and blood of innocent Pakistanis on their hands, with the PMLN and PTI government looking the other way, that many Pakistanis believe that drones are doing the right thing. If the US eliminates our killers, why do we need to stop it, if we ourselves are not accomplice in the crimes of TTP.
And don’t give us the crap that we are fighting this war for 10 years. Under first 5 years of MMA’s rule, these groups gained control over large parts of settled areas. In the past 5 years, they retreated from settled areas, but PMLN, PTI, JUI-F, and JI couldn’t agree on attacking their den. Now is the time to do it for once and for all.
Incorrect. Do not be under the impression that the USA is doing this for Pakistan.
What my people fail to realize is that drones will not stop at the tribal areas, soon under pressure, their coverage will increase. our slave-rulers are cowards, as long as their homes are safe, and they have safe-havens abroad, they will never feel the pain of living in insecurity.
Today it is Waziristan, tomorrow it can be Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi. How safe will one feel if you know a drone can strike anytime in your neighbourhood or even at you. Bombs don't differentiate between enemies and friends.
Why should we not learn from a mistake we have been doing since this war started? If force is not finishing them off, then we are adopting the wrong strategy. Militancy has increased if anything. Instead, those who initially were against the USA, are now conducting terrorist attacks here on our soil. Hardly the response we expected.
What my people fail to realize is the dirty game our slave-rulers played by using force on our own people. We decimated their homes, we killed their women and children. These people don't have access to post-trauma therapy, the coalition took away all they had to loose and now they have gone rogue. They went to the only sanctuary that was available, TTP. Why do you think that these factions are gaining support day by day? It is exactly because of our failed strategy.
Yet again you advocate it.

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