Friday, 15 November 2013

Why CIA/RAW are funding militancy in KP and Baluchistan?


I cannot help but to agree that the politicians are using anti-American slogans just for political gain and in reality lack the vision of how the foreign lobbies are conspiring against Pakistan. In essence, this act gives exactly the same results as a pro-American party.
What my people do not understand is that they are part of a bigger game, and that several conspiracy theories are true if we research authentically and critically.
What I have failed to understand in all this scenario is that if USA is a friend of Pakistan, why does it shy away from freeing us from our loans, after all we could have been a far greater ally in the war on terror had we been able to hold our feet. Still, we have to beg for aides and all we get are loans designed to drench us deeper in poverty and unemployment. USA has spent trillions on war. Had it freed Pakistan of its loans, Pakistan would have had successfully eliminated the radicalism in the region. Doing so would have enabled the US to have the strongest possible ally in South Asia.
Instead we often find that CIA/RAW are pouring in resources to keep KP and Baluchistan hostile. Systematic propaganda is being done to achieve radicalism in the region.
In my research regarding this, spanning around 6 years, I have come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of the foreign lobbies to keep Pakistan unstable and keep it deep under deficit is because a sovereign Muslim state is a direct threat to several anti-Islam ideologies/nations that exist in the world.
Our interest-less economic system, free-market trade, strict social policies to injustice are in their true essence a killer to all the “liberal”, “communist” and “democratic” ideologies of the world.
Only these notions add up in line with the fact that CIA/RAW are funding radical elements operating in Pakistan so as to create unrest in KP and Baluchistan. That is being done so that we cannot excavate our resources lying in their belly. They are worth more than a trillion dollars. Which means not only would we be able to pay off our loans, we will actually grow faster than China because of the huge trade doors it will unlock. When we consider possibilities it is not far fetched to think of a 10-lane silk route directly heading forward to Gwadar!
Pakistan Zindabad!

American Federal Reserve
No, incorrect. The life of the common American is not an easy ride, a false of sense of security and pride it holds. Nothing else.
Taxes are continuously being levied on them due to wars they cannot fight/win and neither will they benefit from them.
The American economy is in a worst situation than you can imagine. Just a glimpse of the American economy: Watch The Money Makers documentary. Might open your eyes :)
- Respect (Because your taxes are actually used by my military)

I know exactly what you are talking about and no it is not a conspiracy theory. Bankers use war as a mean to generate debt and hence control economy. The central bank of USA, The Federal Reserve is privately owned which means that a private group actually controls the inflation, monetary flow of the country.
If anything, I feel sorry for the American people that they are even more controlled than the us, the Pakistanis. Americans deserve a fair share of the taxes they pay turning into services. But this doesn’t happen, to top it off there is huge unemployment in America.
Even to the common man who unplugs himself from the media, and simply looks at the figures will understand this.
Trillions spent. That money could have been used inside the USA to create jobs.
A very interesting website for those who want more information:
Do watch Money Makers Documentary.
I seek to educate the ET readers with what is actually going on.

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