Friday, 15 November 2013

Eddied The Unaware American

This is a very long debate.
 1. USA promised to give $12b for war. We only received about $2-3b. So far Pakistan has spent from $80b-$100b on War on Terror. Who will repay that? USA isn't.
 2. True, USA is trying to portray it is doing a lot under the umbrella of NGO etc. USAid. However it is peanuts, and the non significant impact most of those measures have creates doubts in minds that whether this was just for show or is USA serious about developing.
 3. USA has spent trillions on a useless war, with improvised evidence and false accusations. I refuse to believe that USA and its Congress were the ones who ACTUALLY voted for the war. I mean seriously? Afghanis were a threat? Have you seen the freedom fighters there? They live off 1-2 meals of beans and bread a day, wear cheap rubber shoes which often leave blisters, and some don't even have sweaters just a heavy cloth providing the only cover against weather. When journalists come to report them, they ask for their fellows who have cattle to sacrifice one because hospitality runs deep in them.
 4. When a US Soldier fires a $95k Javelin on an Afghan fighter, one is just bogged by the fact that this is MORE than that soldier makes in a year, being fired at someone who will not make $95k in his life time. The US Soldiers do not believe anymore that they were deployed for freedom/threat etc. You should read free-media statements. Also, these financial figures make one wonder is the war really worth it? Is a fighter living in a village in a mud-house, who hasn't left the confines of his area for all his lifetime capable of planning any attack. Non-sense, if he was that much of a genius/planner he could have done something for his city. Anything.
 5. Clearing out the journalists, sources that I read do not make any profit from their reports.
 6. I am not against you, why should I be against you? You are far more controlled than I am. You only feel free because of the BS that is shoved down your throat by the media. I am completely against the spineless American government which is a puppet. But not Americans, it is not the fault of the common tax paying American that their country is making foolish choices.
 7. It is not our war, Talibans were anything but against us after the Soviet War. If anything, they felt indebted to us in the big picture. We were housing their women, children and old while they fought. Through collateral evidence we establish this that they were not against Pakistan. Since soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, the fighters went straight to Kashmir to fight the Indian Army.
 8. I don't hate Americans, they are forced to pay up around 40-60% of their salaries in direct/hidden tax. I feel sorry for them that their right is being taken away such brutally and they don't whisper a word because their minds are controlled by the media.
 9. The only reason I respond to you is because I want you to know the real picture, if you have made up your mind about circumstances and keep on bowing to the strong hindrance to change within yourself, you will never know all this.
- Respect.

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